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Heilhecker Memorial Scholarship Program

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Bill Heilhecker never forgot where he came from or where his career began.  For this reason and because of his positive impact, we will be giving away 3 scholarships.

  • WITC: One $500 scholarship/semester ($1,000 total) for someone in the technical trade field at WITC, New Richmond Campus (electrician, welder, etc.)


  • UW Stout: One $1,000 scholarship for someone in the management / business related field at UW Stout


  • Doboy Employees: 2012 will be the last year that this scholarship will be awarded.  It will be paid directly to the school in which the winning recipient is attending and will be divided between two semesters (minimum scholarship value of $800).

    Email: Scholarship @

If you are interested in either the WITC or UW Stout scholarships, please contact the schools directly.